Pak Nasser's Nasi Lemak Reusable Straw Kit

Pak Nasser's Nasi Lemak Reusable Straw Kit

Unlike disposable straws, our stainless steel straw is rustproof, shatterproof, non-toxic & BPA free, making them safe for continual use. This set of environmentally friendly reusable drinking straws means you don’t have to contribute to plastic waste or deal with paper straws that fall apart when wet. With this Straw Kit, you receive 3 Straws (1 Regular, 1 Boba and 1 Curved) and a Brush in a one-of-a-kind Pak Nasser's Nasi Lemak carrying pouch. They are fun-and-easy-to-use, easy-to-clean, easy to travel with and dishwasher-friendly.

Measurements: 6.5 cm x 23 cm.

Designed by Bingka and Made in Malaysia.